Privacy Notice

At RMW Surveyors LLP (t/as RMW Knight Chartered Surveyors) we take all practical steps to comply with the GDPR.  The security and privacy of personal information is of utmost priority to us.  As controllers and processors, we will process personal information for the purposes of marketing activities, contractual obligations and to ensure compliance with appropriate legislation.  The lawful basis on which we will process personal data includes consent, contractual and legal (only one basis will be applied at any given time).  Personal data will not be transferred to third parties for processing outside of the originally intended purpose, but where it is transferred to processors appointed by us as the controller, the original purpose for the processing will not change.  Personal data will not be sold on or passed on to third parties for any other purpose.  Personal data will ordinarily be retained for a maximum period of twelve years in line with the statute of limitations, legal and contractual obligations.  Exceptions will be made where retention of the data is not required or where a data subject’s request is exercised, in which case it will be destroyed at an earlier date. 


The data subject’s rights are also acknowledged and include the following:-


The right to be informed.

The right of access.

The right to rectification.

The right to eraser.

The right to restrict processing.

The right to data portability.

The right to object.

The right not to be subject to automated decision making, including profiling.

The right to refer matters to the ICO.

The right to withdraw consent.


Should you require any further information then please contact your local RMW Knight Chartered Surveyors’ office as set out below:-


Richmond House                                                             

Manor Road                                                                      


BA20 1UQ


Telephone 01935 432044                                             


E-mail  yeovil@rmwknight.com




37 Chamberlain Street




Telephone 01749 676023


E-mail  wells@rmwknight.com

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