Residential Surveys & Valuations

Our experienced team of Chartered Surveyors will be happy to discuss your specific requirements prior to inspecting the property so as to ensure that you have all the information you require to make an informed decision before committing to purchase. This includes the option of meeting our surveyor on site at the end of the inspection.


By arranging a survey through RMW Knight Chartered Surveyors, you will ensure a cost effective means of minimising any unexpected expenditure surprises which might otherwise only become evident after moving in.  Our experienced team of Chartered Surveyors will be happy to discuss your specific requirements prior to inspecting the property and will also be happy to meet you on site at the end of the survey to discuss their findings prior to you receiving the report.


Why do I need a Survey?

Obtaining a survey will help limit the inevitable risks involved in purchasing a property. More specifically the survey will allow you to:-


  • Make an informed and reasoned decision on whether or not to go ahead with buying the property and to pursue any further investigations recommended within the report.
  • Identify any serious, urgent or specific defects and risks affecting the property.
  • Determine whether the agreed purchase price is reasonable or whether it needs to be renegotiated.
  • Allow you to plan for repairs, maintenance, improvements etc.
  • Take into account any other matters identified within the report, for example, environmental issues, legal matters etc.


We are able to offer two forms of survey, namely the RICS HomeBuyer Report, or if a more in depth report is required, the Building Survey. You should bear in mind that a Mortgage Valuation is not a survey report and is no substitute for either of the above.


The RICS HomeBuyer Report

The RICS HomeBuyer Report is an economically priced survey mid-range between a Mortgage Valuation and a Building Survey. The report includes:-


  • Details of the general condition and particular features of the property.
  • Condition Ratings for elements of the structure of the building, the services and any garages and permanent outbuildings.
  • Particular points you should refer to your legal adviser and matters for further investigation.
  • Specific risks associated with the property.
  • Other relevant factors, for example, the location, local environment and the energy performance of the property.
  • A valuation and a separate reinstatement cost assessment for insurance purposes.


Extra services can be added to the survey by specific agreement with the surveyor.


Building Survey

Formerly called a Structural Survey, the Building Survey can be customised to suit your particular requirements and those of the property. The report is commonly used for large or older properties, properties which have been significantly altered or where major changes/ renovations are planned, and where a property is of non-traditional construction.  The report is written in a traditional text format with a greater degree of detail and information provided compared to the HomeBuyer Report. The Building Survey includes:-


  • Detailed information on the form of construction, materials and building techniques.
  • A detailed description of visible defects affecting the property as well as potential problems caused by hidden flaws and progressive issues.
  • Recommendations for any further investigation required to assess the seriousness and costs of major issues identified during the course of the report.
  • An outline of repair options and likely consequences of inactivity.
  • Recommendations for your legal advisers to investigate or pursue prior to purchase.
  • Comment on other risks as well as location and environmental issues.


A Building Survey does not include a valuation or insurance reinstatement cost assessment but these can be provided as a separate service by negotiation.


We will be happy to provide further advice and details for the RICS HomeBuyer Report or the Building Survey.

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